City's, towns and villages are where most of us live, work, play and relax. Each one very unique and different to the next. Some are grand, some are quaint, some big, some small, some new and some old. There is no better feeling of excitement than arriving in a new city I have never been to before and exploring. Discovering new food, new people, new cultures and some impressive sites.

I also absolutely love architecture, I watch far too many documentary's on Discovery about buildings and cities to be honest. It is one of my big attractions to a city and one of the reasons I moved to London actually. It was great watching the Shard grow up from the ground before my eyes.

I have traveled all over the world and have visited hundreds of city's, having short adventures in each. Some of the most famous in the world and some many may not have heard of, each with there own characteristics vibes.

Here are some of my best bit's and tips on what to do when in some of these cities. Do also click the Trip Advisor button above for more reviews and recommendations. 

About Me

My name is Dan, I am 33 years old and live in Notting Hill, London, UK. I love to travel, experiencing new places, cultures and cuisines. I have been to some incredible countries and seen some breath-taking sights. Here are some of my stories, recommendations and tips if you are ever there.

I should also point out that I do not travel ANYWHERE without a pair of shorts. I believe that the traveler should be wearing shorts at every opportunity. So please join me as my shorts travel around the globe.


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